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Why Do Action Figures Have Holes in Their Feet and Backs?

You’ve probably noticed that most action figures have holes in their feet and sometimes their backs. Ever wonder why? There are a few reasons for these holes, and we’re here to explore them!

The holes in action figures’ feet serve a few purposes.

Holes in the Feet For Displays

Many action figures have holes in their feet so they can be used to connect to a stand for displays.

Oftentimes, action figures will come with a stand so they can be displayed in mid-air or in dynamic positions. The holes in their feet make it easy to connect them to the stands.

Holes in the Back For Storing Accessories

The back’s holes can be used for storage. Smaller accessories that come with the figure, like weapons or tools, can be stored in the holes. This way, you’re less likely to lose them and they’ll always be close at hand when you want to play with your action figure.


The holes in action figures’ backs usually serve one purpose: articulation. Articulation is the term for how many points of movement an action figure has. For example, an articulated figure might be able to move its arms and legs independently, while a non-articulated figure will have its arms and legs molded as if they’re frozen in one position.

The holes in articulated figures’ backs usually house metal joints that give the figure a wide range of motion. This allows you to pose your figure in all sorts of different ways and makes them more fun to play with.


So there you have it! The next time you see a hole in an action figure’s foot or back, you’ll know why it’s there. Whether it’s for storage, display, or articulation, those holes serve an important purpose. Do you have a favorite action figure with lots of articulation? Let us know in the comments below!

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