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A Nendoroid is a small, collectible figure that is perfect for both display and play. It is a type of collectible figure that originated in Japan.

  • They are produced by the Good Smile Company and are made of plastic.
  • They typically stand about 10 centimeters tall and have a large head and small body to give them a cute appearance.
  • Nendoroids are highly articulated, meaning they can be posed in many different ways, and they come with interchangeable parts and accessories.
  • Nendoroids were first released in 2006 and they have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many different characters from anime, video games, movies, and TV shows have been made into Nendoroids, including Dumbledore from Harry Potter, Iron Man from the Avengers, and even Godzilla.
  • One of the best things about Nendoroids is that they are very affordable. Prices can range from around $20 to $60 depending on the character and how many accessories they come with. Nendoroids are also surprisingly easy to find; you can purchase them online or at most toy stores.
  • One of the best things about Nendoroids is that they are highly poseable. You can mix and match the face plates and body parts to create different poses and appearances. Additionally, Nendoroids come with a variety of accessories, which can further add to the fun.
  • There are over 1500 different nendoroids available, featuring characters from a wide range of anime, video games, movies, and TV shows. 
  • When it comes to prototyping Nendoroids, there’s always the age-old debate of computer modeling vs freehand putty sculpting. On one hand, computer modeling is more precise and allows for a greater degree of control. On the other hand, putty sculpting is more organic and can result in creamer details. What many fans don’t know, however, is that some Nendoroids are still sculpted by hand. Mesuka, a production sector submanager/director at Good Smile, said in the documentary that for her part, she prefers to prototype with the putty.
  • Gotta love those Nendoroids. So cute and expressive, it’s hard not to have at least a few in your collection. Have you ever wondered how they get those adorable faces? Turns out, it takes quite a few machines to give a Nendoroid its trademark multicolored face. Eight different printers are each responsible for one color on the figure’s face.
  • If you’ve ever played with a Nendoroid, you know how expressive and fun they can be. A big part of that is the multitude of interchangeable parts that come with each figure. A standard Nendoroid comes with 30-40 separate sculpted pieces, including swappable faceplates for different expressions, hands in different positions, and various accessories. Some of the more elaborate Nendoroids on the market can have up to 80 parts, giving you endless possibilities for poses and scenarios.

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