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What are Anime Fans Called?

What are anime fans called? The answer is “otaku”. There is a less-used term which is weeb.


In Japan, people who are passionate about anime and manga are called otaku. In recent years, this word has taken on a negative association as some use it to describe those with obsessive interests in anime, manga, and games. Before you call yourself an otaku, think twice!

Anime is a Japanese animation genre that’s become hugely popular outside of the country. It’s a huge part of Japanese culture-in fact, there is even a museum dedicated to the art form called The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo!

A word commonly used in Japan to describe anime fans as “otaku,” which means “you” in a very informal way. The term has taken on a negative meaning in recent years as some people have used it to describe those with obsessive interests. However, this usage of the word isn’t what many otakus define themselves as!

So how do you define an otaku? If you’re stiff, don’t know what to say, and speak plainly in Japanese then you might be the stereotypical definition of an otaku. But most would define themselves as a passionate fan who’s not afraid to talk about their interests! For example, they might see a new anime and go online immediately to share their excitement. Or, they’ll dress up as a character from the series and attend an event.

This word has gotten a bad rep because some individuals use it to describe those with obsessive interests! It’s important to note that “otaku” isn’t just used for fans of anime-it can also be used to refer to someone with an obsession with any subject or hobby.


A weeb is similar to an otaku but is most commonly used in Western culture. A weeb usually has an obsessive interest in anime and manga.

A weeb is someone who has more in common with their peers, but still loves anime. They’re considered less “nerdy” than the average person and can socialize better because they don’t give away all of their time watching cartoons on TV or playing video games at home alone like some “nerds” might do

People who use the term weeb might be making fun of those who refer to themselves as otakus. However, whether you’re using it as a joke or not, calling someone else a weeb can be a form of cyberbullying.

So, whether you’re an anime fan or not, think twice before calling yourself an otaku!

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