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Top 7 Places to Avoid Storing Your Action Figures

If you’re like me, your action figure collection is one of your most prized possessions. After all, these are not just plastic toys – they are works of art! But once you’ve outgrown your childhood bedroom, it can be tough to find a suitable place to store your ever-growing collection.

In this blog post, we will talk about places to avoid storing your action figures due to their bad environments.

3 Bad Conditions to Avoid

If you’re a collector of action figures, you know how important it is to keep them in good condition. After all, these are valuable pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Before pinpointing places to avoid we need to know which environment can damage an action figure.

Here are three things to watch out for:

  • Sunlight: You might think that putting your action figures in the sun will help them look their best. After all, natural light is the best light, right? Wrong. Sunlight can actually fade the paint on your action figures, making them look dull and lifeless. So if you want to keep your collection looking sharp, store it in a cool, dark place.
  • Humidity: Humidity is another enemy of action figures. Too much moisture can cause the paint to peel and the plastic to warp. So if you live in a particularly humid climate, take measures to protect your collection (like using a dehumidifier).
  • Temperature Fluctuation: Temperature fluctuations can also damage your action figures. Extreme changes in temperature (from hot to cold or vice versa) can cause the plastic to crack and the paint to chip. So if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, make sure your collection is stored in a place where the temperature is stable.

Top 7 Places You Should Not Store Your Action Figures

Since we know which condition is bad for action figures, we know which places to avoid too. Here are seven places that are NOT suitable for action figure storage:

  • Garage: The garage is not temperature controlled, so your action figures could be exposed to extreme heat or cold. In addition, the garage is likely full of dust, dirt, and other debris that could damage your figures. 
  • Porch or Sunroom: These are similarly prone to extreme temperature changes, and the sun can bleach the paint on your figures over time. 
  • Basement: Basements can be dank and musty, and they’re often home to pests like insects and rodents. These critters could damage your action figures beyond repair. 
  • Attic: Like the basement, attics can be musty and full of pests. In addition, attics typically aren’t insulated, so your figures could be damaged by extreme temperatures. 
  • Shed: Sheds are often full of lawn care equipment, power tools, and other hazards that could damage your action figures. If you do store them in a shed, be sure to keep them well away from any potential hazards. 
  • Vehicle: Unless you have a dedicated “man cave” vehicle (and even then), storing your action figures in a car, truck, or RV is a recipe for disaster. Not only will they be subject to extreme temperatures, but they could also get jostled around and damaged if you hit a bump in the road. 
  • Outdoors: perhaps the worst place of all to store your action figures is outdoors. Not only will they be exposed to the elements (sun, rain, snow), but they could also attract attention from thieves or vandals. 


So where should you store your action figure collection? The best bet is a temperature-controlled space like an indoor closet or spare room. But if you don’t have that kind of space available, consider investing in some storage boxes and keeping them in a cool, dry place like an unused corner of your bedroom or under the bed. With a little bit of planning, you can keep your action figures safe and sound for years to come!

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