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Luffy's Age? When is Luffy's Birthday?

Luffy has been the most popular anime character of all time and he has more fans than you can imagine. One of the biggest and the most important questions is how old Luffy is. You may believe 17 or 22 years but you are both wrong. Now, we will provide you the answer and we will help you get the ultimate comprehension of the matter.

Luffy was 17 years of age, a while back

As you already know, Luffy started the series as 17 years 17-year-old character. This is a widely known fact and most fans know it already. Add the jump in time which represented 2 years and we get the number 19. Then we must recall that East Blue traveling, through the Grand Line took approximately 7-9 months. Strawhats have been traveling across the New World for 2 months, according to our analysis. As such, we can deduce the correct answer.

The definite answer is that Luffy is 19 years old right now, but he is close to 20. By the time Strawhats reaches the Wanokuni, Luffy will be 20 years of age. Here we can see one issue. In One Piece birthdays are irrelevant and they are not celebrated, which upset millions of fans all across the world. So, like it or not, Luffy probably won’t celebrate his 20th birthday, unless something changes.

Keep in mind that the exact age refers to this very moment. If you are reading this in the future, add the time from the publishing to the equation and you will get a correct answer. It is basic math and it can help you know the exact Luffy’s age at any given moment. It isn’t difficult to understand how old he is when needed.

There is no need to add that Luffy will remain one of the best and most desirable anime characters in the near and distant future. There is something special about him that all of us love and appreciate.

Now you know the answer that has been troubling you for so long. Don’t forget that you should calculate the exact age whenever you want and make sure you are right. Nevertheless, when or if you need our help in the future we will assist you as often as you need our help. Enjoy anime and don’t miss an episode.

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