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What are the Biggest Anime Conventions In The World?

Anime conventions are a great way to meet other people who share your love of anime, as well as to check out some new and upcoming anime series. There are a number of different anime conventions around the world, but some are definitely larger than others. Here is a list of the biggest anime conventions in the world.


Comiket is the world’s largest anime convention, according to Guinness World Records. Drawing more than 500,000 attendees each year, it is definitely one of the biggest anime conventions out there. Fans who attend this convention find it valuable because there are a lot of things they can do and see during their stay. They also have the chance to purchase exclusive merchandise,

The most significant, at least culturally, of all of these is the massive fire hazard that extends throughout Tokyo Big Sight from overnight camping.

People of all types, from novices who are there to exhibit their effort to pros who are waiting outside the door, produce doujins (self-published manga for the uninitiated) solely for the occasion.

It’s a huge event that takes place twice a year in the winter and summer.

World Cosplay Summit

The annual World Cosplay Summit is the world’s largest gathering dedicated to cosplay and all things related to it. It’s a five-day event that takes place in Nagoya, Japan.

The World Cosplay Summit is a mainstay of the anime convention industry and one of the world’s largest gatherings for cosplay. The WCS is an international competition for cosplayers, where they can show off their hard work and skills. It’s an opportunity for them to shine on the world stage after months of preparation.

The WCS has three main competitions:

1) Performance division (the act skit, which is judged according to photogenic qualities, costume design, use of accessories, and audience applause)

2) Technical division (judged on the creation of materials, sewing techniques, and costume design)

3) Japanese traditional dance (a pre-determined set of movements is done in cosplay form). Winners are presented with medals or trophies. The total prize pool for all divisions adds up to over $100,000.

The WCS also contains five other cosplay contests, including one for children under age 6. Entrants are judged based on costume design, presentation, and overall visual impact. Ages 6 to 12 compete in the junior division while ages 13-18 enter the youth division. The winner of each category gets a cash prize or a trophy. Participants who don’t place in the top three get a certificate of participation.

The WCS is open to cosplayers from all countries and it’s free to enter. Registration takes place through an online form. The program for each day includes times for check-in, costume maintenance, and photography sessions. There are also contests open to spectators who want to participate in cosplay themselves.

The WCS is an annual event that has been happening since 2003. It’s organized by the Japanese city of Nagoya, one of Aichi Prefecture’s biggest cities, along with Nagoya City Science Museum and Aichi Broadcasting Corporation.

Wonder Festival

Wonder Festival is held twice a year. The summer edition takes place in July and the winter edition takes place in February. It is the largest figure convention in Japan. Figures are exhibited, sold, & displayed here. Some of these figures go on to become garage kits that are sold online or at other conventions/shops after Wonder Festival has ended.

Wonder Festival is held at the Makuhari Messe convention center. It is about an hour outside of Tokyo by train, where all of these pictures were take (except for the last one).

The first time I went to this convention was nearly 4 years ago. I had never even heard of it before! Now, I go every year & enjoy it more & more.

What I love about this convention is that there are a huge variety of figures on display from a wide variety of series, companies, and sculptors. All the popular series will have some kind of representation! Plus there’s room to take photos without being in anyone’s way (provided you’re not trying to get a picture of someone’s Nendoroid set up in front of them).

The most popular figures are sold out within the first hour of the convention, but walk around for a bit & you’ll find some great deals on older figures or maybe even still find that sought-after figure. A lot of people will also re-sell their Wonder Festival loot on Yahoo Japan Auctions, Mandarake, or other online stores after the convention is over.

Wonder Festival is great if you are interested in finding new figures & series to get into as it is extremely easy to look through all the figures on display and find something that catches your eye (or wallet)!


We are yet to confirm the dates and details of this event for 2022. You can expect it to be in late March. The countdown is expecting March 27, which is the same as 2021’s event date.

Previously known as the International Anime Fair, this is Japan’s largest anime event and one of the most significant in the globe.

AnimeJapan event is Japan’s largest anime, manga, and games exhibition. The event was established in 2007 with the goal of providing a space for professionals, fans, and families to meet and exchange ideas about the latest developments in anime, manga, and games.

AnimeJapan is an annual event organized by the AnimeJapan Organization in Tokyo, Japan, which takes place at the end of March. Every year, the event is attended by huge firms like Toei Animation, Aniplex, Tatsunoko, Sunrise, and many other animation studios.

There were several booths with cosplay from some of the most popular anime series of the season, as well as an array of merchandise.

Companies like Aniplex, Gencom, Toei Animation, Tatsunoko Production, and other anime studios show off their recently completed and forthcoming shows.

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